Saturday, 12 July 2014


Hello all,
Working on Quilled Wrist Watches is sometimes very challenging but at the same time I feel so satisfied when my customers are happy with result.

This one is a special one . Though I have made it earlier also but I feel when recreating the exactly same design then more efforts are put in .
My customer wanted a ditto copy of my earlier design..
Making QUILLED stuff for boys is even harder.
Like all boys he also loves cars..and especially F1 races..
So here I have made a red Ferrari with the little boy with the flag in his hand...
The grey rounds describes the speed of the car.
No 9 on the car is the date he is born .. Alphabet A is for his name ADITYA
I hope you all will like it.
Do leave love and suggestions.
Happy Quilling
Entering into    Beyond Grey Challenge#54 Lets Get Kiddish


  1. What a beauty this one is Meeta...must have been real tough to fit all the little coils in the watch!!
    Dr Sonia

    1. Thanks Sonia :) it is sometimes difficult but I love challenging myself

  2. So pretty ! Im sure making somthing for the boys is really difficult !
    I can see a job well done ! How do u even manage to put in all those pieces in that tiny watch !!! gosh thats just amazing !
    Thanks for playing with us on BGC this fortnight !

    1. Thanks PJ for the appreciation .. I simply love making quilled wrist watches

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! How did you put all this small elements inside? :-)
    Thank you for playing with us at BGC!

  4. This is just amazing!!! Meeta.


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