Sunday, 20 December 2015

Quilled Bookmark

Hello all,
Its been really long that I have Blogged.
Due to my eye ailment I was using less of Computers :(
Here I am with a quilled Bookmark I made for a friend of mine who is a bookworm.

For someone who loves to read books 
She is a book lover, dreamer, a big foodie, Paper-crafter herself.
 Loves everything stylish so she wanted no simple bookmark.
 I must say she was very clear in her thoughts.
 Her list was her name should be there , unicorn n rainbow and loads of beads n charms.
 So here I was wondering how to put all things together 6" * 2" piece of paper. 
Since I knew that this will be constantly in between pages and in a regular use so I could not give delicate Quilling.
Then I started making tiny quilling shapes by 1mm width strip which I generally use for wrist watches. Here's the final look of the the bookmark.

I hope you all will like this as much asI did making this one.
Thank you.
Happy Quilling.

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